This is website presents the research activities by staff and students in the Department of Architecture at the University of Westminster. It is linked to and augments the information on the University’s web site here. It is intended to keep students, teachers and scholars updated on research related activities, events and awards by members of the department and to allow them to share their work and achievements with the wider academic and professional community.

The Department of Architecture has an international reputation for excellence in teaching and research, for attracting award winning staff and students, and for a wide range of scholarly activities. In the last Research Assessment Exercise, it was the highest rated of the new entries, with 20% of its architecture research rated at 4* (world leading) and 40% at 3* (Internationally excellent).

The department encourages research through scholarship, consultancy and design. It has close links to practice, with award winning practitioners amongst it teaching and research staff, and has pioneered research by and through design, encouraging practice based research. Research is organized into four research groups: Experimental Practice (EXP), History and Cultural Studies, Technical Studies and Expanded Territories. These are loose alignments of scholars, students, designers and practitioners who organize events of common interest and undertake joint initiatives and projects.

Overlaps between research and teaching is encouraged. EXP was instrumental in setting up openstudio, a live online exhibition, teaching and learning tool for the design studios, research groups and other bodies in 2009. Openstudio creates a network between open access software and allows students, teachers and researchers to share information, images, movies etc. online. The annual Technical Studies lecture series, developed by Peter Silver and Will McLean, brings architects, engineers, social theorists and artists to the school to discuss the social use and function of technology in the context of design. These lectures capture a contemporary philosophy of technology and introduce students to current and future trends in the technological development of architecture. A similar program, the History and Theory Open Lectures series invites leading scholars to the department to introduce students to cutting edge socio-cultural or historical research on architecture.

The department attracts a wide range of PHD students who form part of a community of research students with others in the School of Architecture and the Built Environment.

Recently submitted and completed PHD’s include:

Abeer Al Saud: The Implications of Culture on Architectural Form in London’s Immigrant Communities

John Goodbun: The architecture of the extended mind: towards a critical urban ecology

Tanya Sengupta: Producing the Province: Colonial Governance and Spatial Cultures in District Headquarter Towns of Eastern India, 1786 – c. 1900

Yara Sharif: Searching for Spaces of Possibility on the Fragmented Map: Healing Fractures through the Dialogue of Everyday Behaviour

Doug Spencer: Open Sites: the Inseparable Variations of Architecture and Control

Burin Tharavichitkun: Rethinking Thai Architecture and Cultural Identity




Research in the Department of Architecture, University of Westminster