Technical Studies Evening Talks

Each academic year speakers from in and around the field of architecture have been invited to talk as a part of the Technical Studies Programme at the University of Westminster’s School of Architecture. Architects, engineers, social theorists and artists have taken part in a discussion about the social use and function of technology in the context of design. Questioning how the relationship and knowledge of the tools and techniques of highly individualized approaches to working, the talks develop themes and shared interests of which this course seeks to capture.

The lecture series are an attempt to capture a contemporary philosophy of technology and introduce students to current and future trends in the technological development of architecture. We promote a multivalent approach to the use and understanding of technology in architecture & design and do not take a singular imperative as a starting point. Biomimetics, fluid dynamics, lightness, deployability, machine logic, material construction and geometry are all included as are economy, climate, performance and appropriateness.

The Autumn 2012 MArch Level Evening Series of Lectures follows. Lectures are free and open to the public.

The Technical Studies program is co-ordinated by  Pete Silver, Will McLean, John-Paul Frazer, Andrew Whiting (Hût Architecture) and Scott Batty (Hût Architecture).

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