Lecture: Tony Lloyd Jones – Urban Resilience

As part of the Critical Humanitarianism Series at the University of Westminster, Tony Lloyd-Jones will speak on the issue of urban resilience and how it is being used to address heightened concerns about the risks associated with climate change and rapid urban development.

Tony Lloyd-Jones is an architect-planner and development practitioner of many years standing. He is currently a Reader and Course Leader in International Planning and Sustainable Development at the University of Westminster. He also directs the research and consultancy activities of the University’s Max Lock Centre. In 2005, he was part of the team that set up the Tsunami Recovery Network, which later became the Development from Disasters Network. Since 2005 he has been a member of the RICS Major Disaster Management Commission and has been working with RICS and the other built environment professional institutes to highlight and augment the role of architects, surveyors, engineers and planners in disaster management practice. Heightened concerns about the risks associated with climate change and rapid urbanisation are concentrating international attention on the issue of urban resilience. What does this term mean, where has it come from and why has it becomes the current buzz word in the sustainable cities discourse? According to the World Bank: the idea of resilience suggests a proactive stance towards risk. Since the Hyogo Framework of 2005, the idea of risk reduction has been central to discussions concerning disaster management. However, as the recent tsunami in Northern Japan amply demonstrated, it is difficult if not impossible to eliminate all risk arising from a hazardous event. We also need to be prepared, plan for, and work with local communities for managing risk and for effective recovery and reconstruction if and when disasters strike.  This talk will explore the implications of the emerging urban resilience agenda for the built environment professions.

19 March 2013, Room M421, University of Westminster, Marylebone Campus, 35 Marylebone Road, London NW1 5LS.