TS Christmas Lecture 11/12/ 2014: Gregoire Zundel, (AZC) : Bouncing Bridges and Other Projects

Grégoire Zündel – Atelier  Zündel Cristea (AZC)

Bouncing Bridges and other Projects

Thursday 11th December, 5.30pm, Room M421

Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment

University of Westminster

35 Marylebone Road

London NW1 5LS

AZC see architecture as a discipline that is fed by the notion of community. In practicing architecture, AZC are guided and motivated by its universal character, in the sense that Louis Kahn expressed as ’the thoughtful making of spaces … the creating of spaces that evoke a feeling of appropriate use’.For AZC, architecture is about buildings, which come alive. Each time AZC design a project they look for an efficient building approach, for obvious solutions, which reconsider the means and resources available for fabrication and local supply.

“To give coherence to a project, one must understand its context, which means taking into consideration problems linked with building in that particular environment, in both physical and financial terms. With the speed of new discoveries and advances in technology. we are concerned by considerations of sustainability and timelessness in architecture. Today’s greatest problem is to design architecture, which is lasting without being imposing.”

From: http://www.zundelcristea.com

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