Technical Studies Lecture 8th December 2016

Matthew Barnett-Howland (MPH Architects)

‘Building With Cork’

Thursday 8th December, 6pm, Robin Evans Room (M416)

Department of Architecture

Cork is a genuinely ecological material – it is sustainably harvested from cork oak trees in southern Europe, and reconstituted in its block form without any additional binders. It is a natural vegetable product that is carbon neutral, is biodegradable, can be recycled, and has excellent thermal, acoustic insulative properties. Solid cork can also be exposed externally which will weather to a silver-brown colour over time.

Matt Barnett-Howland is currently working on a government funded research project exploring the innovative use of cork as a construction material. His research project aims to demonstrate how cork can provide all three fundamental functions of a building envelope – primary structure, insulation, and weather-proofing. As part of his research, Barnett-Howland is currently working on the world’s first building to use solid cork as a structural material for the roof as well as the walls.


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