Monsoon [+ other] Airs

The Monsoon Assemblages project is pleased to announce the first of three symposia that will be convened at University of Westminster in London over the next three years.

This year’s symposium, Monsoon [+ other] Airs  will interrogate questions of monsoon atmospheres, airscapes, politics and media. The event includes an evening keynote lecture (Thursday 20th April) followed by a one-day long symposium (Friday 21st April). It will be accompanied by an exhibition of graphic, audio and video works.

The keynote lecture will be given by architect Sean Lally of WeathersSymposium speakers will include meteorologist Andrew Turner (University of Reading) and philosopher Etienne Turpin (MIT Urban Risk Lab). The exhibition will include work by students of DS18 and Victoria Watson (University of Westminster).

This event is open to anyone interested in monsoonal matters!

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