Call for Papers: Architecture and Culture “The AHRA Review of Books”, Deadline: 30th June 2018

When Architecture & Culture, the Journal of the Architectural Humanities Research Association, was first launched in November 2013, the intention was to include book reviews. We have a designated editor for book reviews, and we have sporadically published essays that review books, when those essays concern the theme of a particular journal issue. What we have not done is to dedicate a regular section of the journal to book reviews, or to solicit new books from publishers (who send them, regardless).

Here, we broach the issue of book reviews by foregrounding the suggestion that to review is more than to formulate a critique of something, it is “to look at or to examine again … to look back upon” (Collins English Dictionary). Our interest is to re-view the book review, to study its different roles and explore its possibilities for architecture’s various modes of production, dissemination and reflection.


Deadline for submissions: 30th June 2018

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