TS Evening Lecture 02/10/14: Tonkin Liu, The Evolution of Shell Lace

Mike Tonkin and Anna Liu – Tonkin Liu


The Evolution of Shell Lace


Thursday 2nd October, 6.30pm, Room M421

Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment

University of Westminster

35 Marylebone Road

London NW1 5LS


For six years, through both research and practice, architects Mike Tonkin and Anna Liu (Tonkin Liu) have developed a pioneering ‘tailored surface’ structural technique with structural engineers Arup. This unique shell-lace structure integrates the 500 million year-old structural principles of seashells and the ancient art of tailoring with today’s powerful digital tools, resulting in stunning geometric forms that gain strength and lock in stiffness through curvature and corrugation. The talk coincides with an exhibition The Evolution of Shell Lace at the RIBA and developed in conjunction with their MArch design studio at Westminster. The exhibition (which is open until 18th October), explores the dichotomy between the analogue and the digital, beauty and efficiency, research and practice. (from architecture.com)


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