‘Of Water’ video posted on line

The video of the First Global Mobilities Seminar, Of Water held at the University of Westminster in December 2014 has now been posted online. At the seminar, chaired by Davide Deriu and hosted by the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment’s Expanded Territories Research Group, Lorenzo PezzaniPhilip Steinberg and Lindsay Bremner discussed some of the ways in which water can be integrated into architectures of mobility. Lorenzo  Pezzani (from 2:30) presented on the maritime spaces of Mediterranean migrants (and their surveillance); Lindsay Bremner (from 39:45) presented on oceanic (in)visibilities with reference to the search for MH370; and Philip Steinberg (from 1:06:15) presented from his Wet Ontologies project, focusing in particular on the ontology of the wave. The event concluded with Q&A and discussion (from 1:40:30).

Access the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Qk_FUua5fI

The next seminar in the series – Of Air – is scheduled for 25 March.