“Reimagining the ‘Good City’ from Ennore Creek” by Lindsay Bremner

“Reimagining the ‘Good City’ from Ennore Creek” by Lindsay Bremner
24 March 2023
Annual Meeting of the American Aasociation of Geographers 2023, Geographies of Life Panel

At this panel, Lindsay Bremner presented ongoing work by an interdisciplinary team of researchers, activists and fishers to rethink the meaning of what constitutes a good city from Ennore Creek in North Chennai in India, as part of a British Academy funded research project. The presentation engaged with ideas of the Good City that have shaped Chennai since the early 20th Century, and presented provisional ideas emerging from a fisher-led ‘People’s Plan’ to reimagine Ennore creek not only as a human lifeworld but as a becoming-world of multi-species entanglement, as the basis of good-citiness-to-come.