Toilet Talk: (Trans)Gendered negotiation of public spaces

Toilet Talk: (Trans)Gendered negotiation of public spaces
John Somers; Shani Burke; Philippa Carr; Mirko Demasi

Somers, J., Demasi, M., Burke, S., & Carr, P. (2023). ‘Toilet talk: (Trans) Gendered negotiation of public spaces.’ Routledge International Handbook of Innovative Qualitative Psychological Research. Eds. by Tseliou, E., Demuth, C., Georgaca, E., & Gough, B. Routledge

Public toilet provision in the UK fails to meet the needs of cis women while trans communities are absent from current building regulations. This research explores how individuals negotiate differing positions on toilet provision and accessibility. The data were formed of online posts on Dezeen, a forum for building design professionals, and Mumsnet, a parenting forum, in response to the Ministry of Housing and Local Government “Technical review on increasing accessibility and provision of toilets for men and women”. Discursive psychology was used to explore how accessibility to toilets is constructed.