Research in the Department of Architecture, University of Westminster

Representation, Fabrication and Computing

Representation, Fabrication and Computing is a new research group in the Department of Architecture set up in 2015 to explore the nature of drawing and making in their broadest sense, as tools for research and as the vehicles for creative practice.

Technical Studies Lecture 8th December 2016

Matthew Barnett-Howland (MPH Architects) ‘Building With Cork’ Thursday 8th December, 6pm, Robin Evans Room (M416) Department of Architecture Cork is a genuinely ecological material – it is sustainably harvested from cork oak trees in southern Europe, and […]

Dec, 06

Architecture Research Forum 19

Architecture Research Forum 19 Richard Difford: On Stereoscopic Depth and Pictorial Space in Early Twentieth-Century Art and Architecture 02 June 2016, 13.00 – 14.00 Erskine Room, 5th Floor Studios, 35 Marylebone Road, Nw1 5LS

Jun, 07

Architecture Research Forum 17

Architecture Research Forum 17 Alessandro Ayuso: Body Agents: Subjective Figures in Design O5 May 2016, 13.00 – 14.00, Ralph Erskine Room, 5th Floor, Marylebone Building, 35 Marylebone Road,, London NW1 5LS

Apr, 29

Architecture Research Forum 16

Architecture Research Forum 16 Ro Spankie Drawing out the Interior 07 April 2016, 13.00 – 14.00 Erskine Room, 5th Floor, north east, 35 Marylebone Road, NW1 5LS

Mar, 31


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