Transport and Mobilities is one of five new research groups established by the School of Architecture and Cities in 2021. It builds on the work of the Transport Studies Group,  an internationally recognised centre of excellence in research and teaching in transport at the University of Westminster since 1971.

The Transport and Mobilities Research Group’s vision is to deliver world class research that contributes to making transport systems and mobilities safe, sustainable, efficient, secure, equitable, accessible to all, and health and wellbeing promoting. Transport and Mobilities embraces this through a program of research across the transport and city domains and covers a diverse range of aspects of transport and mobility, including city mobilities; active travel; freights; infrastructure investment; networks; accessibility and transport equity.

The Transport and Mobilities Research Group works extensively with governments and industry in the UK and all over the world. The principal sponsoring bodies for our research are the European Commission (EC), the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC), Engineering and Physical Science Council (EPSRC), NIHR, Central Government, Transport for London (TfL), other Local Authorities and private organisations.

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Experimenting with City Streets to Transform Urban Mobility
31 October 2022, 13.00 – 14.00
M416, 35 Marylebone Rd, NW1 5LS, London + Online

Associated with the planning model of ‘tactical urbanism’ and accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic, ‘city street experiments’ or experimental changes in street use, regulation and/or form aimed at exploring aimed at exploring systemic change towards a ‘post-car’ city have become increasingly prominent. In the seminar, members of the EXTRA research project will present research on parklets and school streets in the London Boroughs of Lambeth and Redbridge. They will discuss preliminary results on how local people use, perceive and experience street changes.

Enrica Papa at AESOP 2022
27 July 2022
Tartu, Estonia

Enrica Papa, from the Transport and Mobilities Research Group, led the Transport Planning track and presented results of the EXTRA project to the Association of European School of Planning – AESOP Annual Conference in Tartu.

UoW transport research at RGS-IBG Annual International Conference 2022

Researchers from UoW Transport Research Group will present their work at the RGS-IBG Annual International Conference 2022, which will take place at Newcastle University from 30 August to 2 September 2022. Ersilia Verlinghieri, Asa Thomas, and Rachel Aldred organised a session titled’Road-reallocations and social infrastructures: Debating the social in car-centric cities’. Emilia Smeds organised a session titled ‘What is the street for? Interrogating ‘ways of seeing’ and the epistemic justice of reconfiguring street space. Papers by Enrica Papa, Emilia Smeds and Asa Thomas will be presented. The Conference regularly attracts over 2,000 geographers from around the world.

11 ways research and innovation is tackling climate change

Ex-TRA JPI Urban project has been included in a UKRI blog for Earth Day highlighting some of the great research and innovation projects that ESRC funded that are tackling climate change. The blog piece can be found on Medium via Url link below.

Research Project
Exploring the cycling potential of BAME women: Looking at barriers and enablers to cycling of minority women in London
Luz Navarro

Luz Navarro has been awarded a £4,822 grant from the UKRI Participatory Research Fund, via an internal call of the UoW. Expanding on previous participatory research funded by the QHT, the project will explore the experiences of BAME women cycling within different types of urban environments and cycling infrastructures. The project is co-organised with JoyRiders – a BAME women cycling organisation– and will articulate through a series of participatory design-research workshops in four different locations in London. The participatory nature of the research places women as experts of their environments and their own needs and aspirations regarding cycling

UKRI Participatory Research Fund
Research Project
Advancing mobility justice: participatory evaluation and co-design of city street experiments
Enrica Papa, Emilia Smeds

Enrica Papa and Emilia Smeds were successful in securing a £4588 grant from the UKRI Participatory Research Fund, via an internal UoW call. This expands the participatory research activities and Equality, Diversity & Inclusion of the EX-TRA project led by Enrica Papa (Experimenting with City Streets to Transform Urban Mobility). Recent parklets and School Streets will be discussed through a community-led approach. It is an interdisciplinary collaboration between transport planning, architect colleagues and social sciences colleagues. Co-I: Ipshita Basu, Maria Kramer

UKRI Participatory Research Fund
Research Project
What is the street for? Interrogating ‘ways of seeing’ and epistemic justice in reconfiguring public space
Emilia Smeds

Emilia Smeds was awarded £4990 in seed-funding by the British Academy following the Knowledge Frontiers Symposium on ‘What is a Good City?’. Together with Canadian and UK scholars, Emilia will be leading an interdisciplinary exploration of ‘ways of seeing’ public space with an emphasis on non-expert perspectives. This expands the EX-TRA project’s agenda on street space experimentation, tactical urbanism and social justice. The collaboration will kick off with a panel discussion at the RGS-IBG 2022 conference in Newcastle, September 2022. PI: Emilia Smeds, Co-I: Kevin Manaugh (McGill University), James Connolly (University of British Columbia), Matthew Wargent (Cardiff University)

The British Academy
Research Project
Cargo bike operators: employment practices
Ersilia Verlinghieri, Tiffany Lam and Rachel Aldred

Congratulations to our Active Travel Academy colleagues who have been awarded a new £70,000 grant by Impact on Urban Health for the project Cargo bike operators: employment practices. The project will use interviews and focus groups with riders and operators to identify ways to maximise health and wellbeing for sector workers whilst supporting upscaling of cargo bikes operators. The study’s outputs will support local and national stakeholders in ensuring that increased cargo bike deliveries in the UK create good, green jobs that provide job security, a living wage and a safe and inclusive environment for workers. The study will involve partners from Sustrans and MP Smarter Travel.

Impact on Urban Health
Westminster Transport Group – 1971, 2021, 2071
29 April 2022 15:00 – 21:00 BST
Online and at University of Westminster, Marylebone Campus, 35 Marylebone Road, London NW1 5LS

Join us for a celebratory event, marking 50 (+) years of the Transport Studies Group (TSG) at Marylebone, reflecting on teaching and research, past, present and future. The event will comprise two distinct segments, the first being an afternoon session with speakers on past development, and current roles, of teaching and research in the Group, together with contributions from alumni who have attained important positions in the transport sector. This will be followed in the evening by an informal reception for past staff colleagues and alumni.