Discovering London’s Buildings

Bold, J. and Hinchcliffe, T. (2009) Discovering Lodon’s Buildings: With 12 Walks. London: Frances Lincoln. ISBN 9780711229181

Discovering London’s Buildings is an original, highly accessible guide to understanding the city’s incredibly diverse architecture. Because of the variety, complexity, and sheer number of its structures, it’s far more difficult to get a sense of how London developed than it is with Rome, Paris, or New York. This book uses a selective and thematic approach to look at elements of the architecture and the services provided: domestic, commercial, religious, and institutional. There are chapters on houses and apartments as well as on offices, churches, and government buildings. Other sections focus on schools and railway stations, shops and pubs, buildings for sport, and parks. Extensively illustrated and richly informed, the book celebrates both the masterpieces and the mundane, dating from the Middle Ages to the present day. It culminates in 12 themed architectural walks throughout the city, each carefully planned to explore a diverse range of buildings.