ADAPT-r RMIT Practice Research Symposium

Kate Heron and Kester Rattenbury were active players in the ADAPT-r RMIT  Practice Research Symposium weekend crit and exam events for practicing architects and designers in Barcelona in November 2014.

The PRS weekend events take the form of high level cross crits and jurys for all kinds of practising architect, and form part of the system developed by RMIT’s Professor Leon van Schaik, through which working, eminent architectural practitioners discover, present, improve, the ongoing quality of their own work to PhD level.

Professor Heron has been an intergal part of the development of the RMIT programme and a key figure in the EU 4 million Euro ADAPT-r programme, through which this programme is available through European institutions, and both she and Rattenbury were panellists on many of the presentations of the rich and diverse stream of ongoing work.

Professor Rattenbury was also external examiner one one of the final examinations which take the form of substantial written document, exhibition and personal presentation and debate which jointly make up the PhD submission. Rattenbury’s reviews of the programme can be found in the current special education issue of the Architectural Review, and her review of the event will shortly be appearing in the RIBA Journal.