Victoria Watson’s ‘Three Towers’ selected for the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition

Three Towers_small

Victoria Watson, Senior Lecturer in the Department of Architecture has work on show in the RA summer exhibition (8 June – 16 August 2015). The title of the piece is ‘Three Towers.’


Three Towers belongs to a family of speculative architectures, generically called air grid, that has been the subject of Victoria’s research for some time now. Air grid consists in a three-dimensional lattice structure, made from coloured threads, suspended in a transparent, supporting armature. When cast in bright, clear sunlight, most air grid structures are highly photogenic, more importantly, some air grid structures will produce kinaesthetic sensations in the perceptions of the viewing subject. If the cadence of the air grid lattice is carefully measured – by which is meant the proportions of air-to-thread, within the frame, and the proportions of thread-to-thread, within the framed-air – then the immobility of the air grid form will disappear and it will appear to be animated.


To find out more about air grid architecture visit Victoria’s website.