Saturday 29 November 2014: Gordon Cullen Centenary Seminar

Gordon Cullen Centenary Seminar

29 November 2014, 13.30

Fyvie Hall

309 Regent Street


Speakers: Peter Rees, Alan Powers, Mike Biddulph, Clement Orillard

Gordon Cullen Cullen was one of the most influential urbanists in post-war Britain and a key thinker in the world-wide development of urban design asna practice and public policy. Architect, artist, planning consultant and draughtsman, he is most renowned for his book Townscape (in later editions The Concise Townscape), a book that is still revered today, half a century after its publication. Cullen studied architecture at the former Regent’ Street Polytechnic, now the University of Westminster. His family is planning to bequeath his personal collection of papers and drawings to the University’s archives.